How much does the ketamine treatment program cost?

For patients receiving care through an internal Wondermed provider, the total cost of the one-month treatment program is $399 (no contract and not a subscription). This fee covers the entire treatment package, including clinical consultation, prescribed ketamine lozenges, Wondermed kit, access to a dashboard with educational content and tools for preparation and integration, and unlimited access to our support team of Wondermates.

Our goal is affordability. We want to complement self-healing and any therapy you choose. We pride ourselves on being one of the most cost-effective self-administered ketamine treatments, offering a competitive cost per session.

For those using our partnered provider network, consultation costs vary by provider. The Wondermed program in this model is priced at $199, covering pharmacy services, the Wondermed kit, a personalized dashboard with resources, and unlimited Wondermates support. If considering this model, check if the provider accepts insurance to potentially reduce consultation costs.

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