How does the Wondermed program work?

  1. In our updated approach to patient care, you now have the flexibility to choose between two care models: starting care within our internal network, or collaborating with a partnered provider who will refer you to our services.

    1. Internal Providers (DTC - Mobile Medical): Determine your initial eligibility for the Wondermed Program through our internal providers by taking our eligibility assessment, which will evaluate key contraindications. If you are found to be a suitable candidate, you will be prompted to create an account, submit payment of $399, complete the onboarding process, and schedule an appointment. All of these steps are completed within the Wondermed platform.

    1. Partnered Providers (B2B): Alternatively, you can proceed through one of our partnered providers with whom we can connect you. These providers have been extensively trained in our protocols and treatment program. These partnered providers will perform their own eligibility, appointment scheduling and payment for consultation and then will submit the prescription on the Wondermed portal. The partner provider offering is $199 + the consultation which will be independently priced by the provider. Both the internal provider and partnered provider model include the same offers, tools and patient support. 

  1. During your appointment, whether in-person or via telemedicine, you'll meet with a licensed clinician. They will:
    1. Guide you through the program.
    2. Customize your protocol and prescription based on your needs.
    3. Provide you with personalized tools and resources for your treatment.

Additionally, you can reach out to the Wondermate support team for guidance throughout your treatment. If needed, Wondermed can also connect you with a third-party team of integration coaches and therapists specialized in ketamine treatment.

  1. Your Wondermed Kit, coupled with the online dashboard, equips you with all essential tools to integrate and augment your ketamine treatment experiences and insights. If you need additional resources or support, our team is ready to help through email.

  1. Following your initial treatment phase, you can opt to continue your program by booking a renewal appointment with your clinician either via the dashboard or using the provider details displayed on your dashboard. In this session, both you and your clinician will evaluate your progress and adjust your personalized program, including dosage modifications if necessary.
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